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Frequently asked questions

1. Content of the kit, purchase, and price

A medical prescription is not required, although it is essential the interpretation by a trained specialist from our network of professionals indicated within our medical panel.

You can acquire the kits online in the products. section of the website. They are also available in pharmacies, clinics, and private medical consultancies that you can check here.

RAID-CRC: retail price 95 €. If you wish to include an online visit to comment on the results and receive a personalized assessment by a gastroenterologist from our medical panel, the final price is 195€.

RAID-Dx: retail price 100 €. If you wish to include an online visit to comment on the results and receive a personalized assessment:

  1. By a gastroenterologist from our medical panel, the final price is 200€.
  2. By a nutritionist from our medical panel, the final price is 160€.

TestUrGut: retail price 180 €. If you wish to include an online visit to comment on the results and receive a personalized assessment:

  1. By a gastroenterologist from our medical panel, the final price is 280€.
  2. By a nutritionist from our medical panel, the final price is 240€.

Yes. You have to choose the specialist who will interpret the results and provide the posterior personalized assessment. You can choose from our medical panel, either if you opt for a face-to-face or online visit, or else propose another of your trust. In the second case, we will contact your specialist and provide the training to interpret the results.

2. Collect the fecal sample, preparation; Preservation and shipment of the fecal sample

Inside the kit, there are the following elements: a collection tube with a small spoon to collect the sample, a paper strip with instructions that will be placed in the toilet bowl to collect the sample, a nitrile glove to hold the tube hygienically, a plastic bag to store the tub, and finally, the envelope with the address of the laboratory to send the sample.

Inside the kit, you will also find the form where you have to indicate your data and the prescribers, the date of sample collection, and if you had taken antibiotics within the last month, among other parameters depending on the chosen test.

The sample introduced in the collection tube has to be from the same deposition. You should not fill the tube with different depositions over the day or from separate days.

Although it is enough with the size of a pea, we recommend filling the tube by half using the little spoon that goes along, to still have sample remaining if we have to repeat the analysis.

If you have forgotten the gloves and have touched the little spoon with the hands before collecting the sample, it could be contaminated. Get in touch with us to determine if the sample is still valid or if it is necessary to send another kit.

If you have taken antibiotics during the last month, we cannot guarantee the validity of the results. Therefore, you should wait over a month since the last taking of the antibiotic.

It has been observed that these medical procedures alter the state of the microbiota, decreasing it. To obtain representative results, it is necessary to recover the balance of your microbiota, for which we recommend waiting over at least one month since the intervention.

The take of prebiotics or probiotics is not an exclusion criterion for the analysis.

There are no other exclusion medicines.

It is exclusive, the test cannot be realized in case of pregnancy.

It is not exclusive for the TestUrGut, it can be done regardless of the surgical digestive intervention you have had. However, it is exclusive for RAID-CRC and RAID-Dx.

Since it analyses the intestinal microbiota, just oral antibiotics and those affecting the intestinal microbiota are exclusive.

It is of utmost importance to use the collection tube from the kit to guarantee the sample viability according to the analytical protocols defined by GoodGut SL.

In the product definition, we have considered the Bristol scale (different levels of consistency) and it has been determined that it is indifferent and does not affect the results.

Yes. It is necessary to use this paper to ensure that the sample does not get contaminated with the WC water or with external bacteria that could affect the results.

In no case try to pick the sample from inside the WC. Request another kit.

Menstruation does not alter the analysis results, but we recommend not to collect it during this period to avoid possible contaminations of the sample.

Since the samples do not need refrigeration, you can store the envelope with the sample in a cold and dry place kept from direct light.

You should send the sample at room temperature.

GLS is the courier company responsible for shipping the samples. To arrange it, you should call the phone indicated in the form included in the kit and request the pick-up for the following day.

This service has no additional cost.

It is essential to receive the sample within 48h from its collection. Depending on the hours from sample collection, you can judge if the shipment should be express.

It has been established that the samples are only sent from Monday to Wednesday to avoid delays for the weekend.

3. Results reception and interpretation

You will receive the results by email in a maximum of 10 working days since the reception of the sample at the laboratory, except RAID-CRC, where you will be notified by email when your specialist has received the results.   

The results of the TestUrGut include as a panel of 15 microbial markers indicative of intestinal dysbiosis. On the other hand, RAID-Dx and RAID-CRC include, apart from the corresponding diagnostic, quantitative information about the markers analyzed. For the interpretation of the test, it is required a specialist trained on the interpretation of the results and expert in the field of digestive disorders to establish dietary recommendations and, if necessary, medication personalized to your case.

The prescriber receives the results by email within the following periods since the date of sample reception in the laboratory:

  • RAID-CRC: 5 working days.
  • RAID-Dx: 7 working days.
  • TestUrGut: 10 working days.

At the time of scheduling a visit, ensure to leave these days in between.

With the purchase of one of our tests, your data is used to analyze the sample and send the results obtained.

Once you have sent the sample, it is identified with a code to guarantee maximum confidentiality of the data in the processing of the analysis.

If you have any doubts about the management of your data, you can consult our privacy policy or sent an email to