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PREVIPECT is a new prebiotic developed by GoodGut as a complement to the treatment of Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) and Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD).

Current situation: problems and needs

  • Intestinal diseases have a high incidence and a chronic and severe impact on the lives of affected patients.
  • The gut microbiome of IBS and IBD patients differs from healthy subjects and shows pathological dysbiosis.
  • Probiotic treatment to restore balance and improve the course of the disease works in the short term but it is insufficient to restore dysbiosis in the long term.

There is the need for complementary tools capable of restoring intestinal balance in the long term in patients with digestive diseases.

Our Proposal

The prebiotic of GoodGut, with beneficial properties for patients with IBD and IBS, is a non-digestible fiber which has been developed to induce the selective growth of the protective bacteria. This increases their immunoprotective activity, such as the production of volatile fatty acids. In addition, it provides several advantages compared to probiotics:

  • Increased treatment efficacy
  • Does not require refrigeration
  • Balances dysbiosis and increases most proactive anaerobic bacteria, which are not present in probiotics.

PREVIPECT has been assessed in a pilot study with fecal samples from 18 patients with IBD, IBS, and health subjects. The study consisted of evaluating the effect of the prebiotic on the fecal microbiota. It was carried out in collaboration with Hospital Universitari de Girona Dr. Josep Trueta. In addition, we completed theIn Vitrotoxicity test. For more information, you can check the results published in the study here(Oliver L. et al, 2021).

In order to validate the results observed in the pilot study, and demonstrate the benefits and added value of PREVIPECT in subjects with intestinal diseases such as IBD or IBS, the next step is to conduct clinical trials with the different target populations. With this, we plan to launch the product to the market in 2022.

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