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RAID-CRC is a non-invasive, fast, economic and easy-to-use test that allows the early and accurate detection of colorectal cancer. Now you can also make the visit online with your specialist!

In order to offer greater precision and comfort for the early detection of colorectal cancer, with RAID-CRC, and always under the supervision of a specialized professional, you will be able to identify and treat the  precancerous lesion earlier, in just 5 days. RAID-CRC puts at your disposal a medical panel of gastroenterologists where you find the specialist who will interpret the results for you. This will be the report that your specialist will receive.

The price of € 95 includes the analysis service and the collection of the sample at home. If you prefer to make a telematic visit with one of the available specialists, choose the price € 195 (gastroenterologist) and we will arrange the meeting.

* The order is shipped within 48-72 hours.

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