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TestUrGut is a non-invasive test that will allow you to know your intestinal microbiota and receive the advice of a specialist to improve your intestinal health. Now you can also make the visit online with your specialist!

In order to improve your intestinal health, with TestUrGut and always under the supervision of a specialized professional, you will be able to identify and treat intestinal dysbiosis. TestUrGut puts at your disposal a medical team specialized in intestinal problems, such as digestologists, nutritionists, dietitians, among other health specialties. This will be the report that you will receive from your test.

The price of € 180 includes the analysis service, the results report and the pick-up of the sample at home. If you wish to arrange a telematic visit with one of the available specialists, choose the price € 240 (nutritionist) or € 280 (digestologist) and we will take care of scheduling the meeting.

Stool collection kit. In vitro diagnostic medical device for the determination of intestinal dysbiosis based on the analysis of bacterial DNA in stool samples. Product with CE mark manufactured under ISO13485 quality certificate. The bacterial profile analyzed and the established reference values ​​have been clinically validated.

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